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Are you interested to learn about Nepal? Do you have a dream to travel to Nepal and view the wondrous beauty that surprise the world? Or are you inspired to know about Buddhism? Well! we will be providing an interesting website and app “Namaste Nepalayas” that provide every information about Nepal and the culture of Nepal and why people should visit the site once and learn.

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What is Namaste Nepalayas?

Namaste Nepalayas is an informational blog with Travel services and Guides. The blog provides the best information available to learn about Nepal. The site includes various information related to Nepal such as Formations of Nepal, Culture and Natural Beauties of Nepal, Festivals of Nepal, and many more. The site is updated regularly therefore, the content is always fresh and new. Amazing site to learn about Nepal and creates an identity as promotion of Nepal and Tourism in Nepal. Namaste Nepalayas holds the mission to promote Nepal all over the world and inspire the readers to travel Nepal once in their life.

Namaste Nepalayas also provide information about Buddhism and Buddhism in Nepal. Most of the people in the world understand Buddhism through Tibetan Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Hinayana Buddhism, and many Other Buddhism teaching and practices. Very few people or none people are aware of one of the oldest Buddhism practice (Ancient Buddhist Practice) known as Newar Buddhism practised by Buddhist Newar community, especially in Kathmandu valley.

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Meaning of Namaste Nepalayas

Namaste Nepalayas is composed of two highly defined word i.e. Namaste and Nepalayas. Namaste is a respectful greeting practised in Nepal usually says when joining hands with bow their head. This is the culture of Nepal when they welcome their guest or meet anyone. Similarly, Napalayas (Nepal+Himalayas) shows the identity of Nepal. Nepal is known as the country of Himalayas(Mountains). The tallest mountain in the world is in Nepal and every people are proud of it. Therefore, Namaste Nepalayas is a site to welcome their guest and promote Nepal as a beautiful country you should travel once in your life.

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Namaste Nepalayas is all about...

About Nepal

Nepal is one of the very ancient independent nation located in Aisa between China and India. Nepal is popularly known as the country of Lord Gautam Buddha, Sagarmatha, and Gorkhali. Namaste Nepalayas welcome all the readers from the world who are interested in known about Nepal. The site provides information about Nepal and it’s beauty to promote Nepal as a unique nation with much of tourism attractions. The site can refresh your mind and provide light inside your heart when you learn more and more about Nepal.

Guides to Travel Nepal

Namaste Nepalayas also provides guides and information to travellers, if they want to travel to different parts of Nepal. People can easily excess guides when travelling Nepal with Necessary and additional available guides books, Booking flights and Hotel services. Travel in Nepal Guides tries to make your travel journey to Nepal with the best memories in your life and your real-life experience.

Buddhism and Buddhism in Nepal

Learn and Experience the unique culture of Nepal. Travelling to Nepal and Understanding Buddhism in Nepal is surprise you with their Buddhist culture which is unique and is ancient that has always been practised only in Nepal especially in Kathmandu valley by Buddhist Newar community as Newar Buddhism.

Best Products

The site also offers amazing Handicrafts and garments products manufactured in Nepal and Tibet-china. Namaste Nepalayas Partners with major two business companies. i.e. Daphe Store- A wholesale and Retail King for Nepal Handicrafts and Garments and Rise Himalayas- The popular store for Nepal and Tibet-China Handicrafts and Garments. The site also offers other products such as Buddhist meditation and Chanting Musics, Nepal Musical instruments and Yoga Products.

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