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Namaste Readers!!

I am Vikram Manandhar from Bhaktapur, Nepal. I am a part-time Blogger, Online Business Entrepreneur, and founder of Daphe Sansar Pvt. Ltd. I love sharing my experience and ideas with my readers. One of my successful blogs is www.namastenepalayas.us. On Namaste Nepalayas, I provide information related to Nepal, Travelling Nepal Guides, and Buddhism.

I love helping Nepal’s online entrepreneurs to start their business based on my experience and struggle. Based on my three-year experience in Blog and Online Business start-up, this would be my greatest opportunity to share with all my readers.

As a bit of backstory, I have been blogging regularly since 2016 and working as a part-time in Online Job for like 5 months. I am from a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) faculty. Therefore, I did not have any knowledge about the blog, Web-Design, and Online Business. I gain all this knowledge after completing my BBA study learning from Home with the help of YouTube. Today I am a successful blogger and Online business entrepreneur and start my first blog- www.namastenepalayas.us and online Business – www.daphestore.com.

My Blogs and Website

Namaste Nepalayas- Namaste Nepalayas is my first blog created since 2017 on blogger.com and later was transferred to WordPress in 2019. This is an informative blog to provide information about Nepal and Travel to Nepal. Also, the blog provides information about Buddhism.

Daphe Store: Daphe Store is my E-commerce store established in 2020. Daphe Store provides various products related to Nepal Handicrafts and Garments as Wholesale and Retail.

Some more Blogs and Online Business coming soon.

My Website Objectives